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Fall River Beach Pop Mule Kick Cocktail Inspired Seltzer

Mule Kick
Cocktail Inspired Seltzer

ABV: 10% | Availability: seasonal

Seltzer season is upon us and our latest release, Mule Kick, is just in time for a hot girl summer. Based on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail and wrapped in a copper can, this #thirsttrap is something you can really stan.

Slightly tart and with that ginger beer bite, Mule Kick is the perfect way to cool down as things heat up. It's only available at our Taphouse and Brewery – so IYKYK.

Where on tap?


  • 4-pack (16oz cans) Icon 4-pack (16oz cans)
  • Crowler (32oz can) Icon Crowler (32oz can)
  • Growler (64oz jug) Icon Growler (64oz jug)
  • Draft Icon Draft Beer