Questions & Answers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fall River Brewing Co. and craft beer.

  • Do you fill growlers?

    Yes, we do! We will fill our 64 oz. growlers (available for purchase) or 32 oz./64 oz. non-Fall River Brewing Co. growlers. If you are bringing in non-branded growlers or growlers from another brewery, all other brewery information must not be visible. You can cover it yourself prior to bringing in with painters tape (leaving the Government Warning visible) or we can place one of our sticker labels over all other brewery information. Growlers are to-go only.

  • Do you serve food?

    While we don't currently have a kitchen, we do work with local establishments to provide dining options. If you visit our Taphouse, there are several surrounding nearby restaurants that provide food including: Niu Hawaiian BBQ, Habit Burger, Chicken Shack, and Domino's Pizza. If you are visiting us at our Brewery, we are joined by food trucks Fridays & Saturdays. On Sundays, feel free to bring in your own grub or call one of the following for local delivery: Shasta Pizza Company, Mary's Pizza Shack, or From the Hearth.

  • Do you serve wine?

    Our locations are permitted through the ABC to serve our beer only. We do not serve wine, ciders, or other types of alcohol and cannot permit you to bring in your own.

  • How can I get beer shipped to me?

    If you represent a retail establishment in the State of California and are outside our current distribution area, let's talk! Please email us at At this time, we are not able to ship to individuals though we are thankful for your support!

Fall River Brewing Co. Hexagenia IPA glass and can