Ready to party?

What you need to know about hosting an event.

It’s #nationaltacoday one of these days, we’re sure. And, while we can’t host private events on regular business days (Wed-Sun), smaller groups are welcome to raise a glass to good times, as long as you play nicely in the sandbox. So, whether you’re celebrating something big, or just celebrating our beers (that we can stan), please follow these friendly ground rules:

Rules for parties:

  • While we don’t exactly encourage sumo-suit wrestling for seats (hygiene and all), we don’t take table reservations either. The best bet is to arrive 30 minutes prior to your party time to grab a few spots. Get a gold star and bring your own if you’re coming on a busy Friday or Saturday night.
  • Eat, drink and be merry. Feel free to bring decorations, just keep the tinsel on the tree and the confetti in the cannon. Outside food is permitted or check out what food truck is on site via our website or social channels.
  • The first rule of pint club, is you don’t talk about pint club. The second is that you don’t bring any non-FRB alcohol on site. Seriously, with our selection of beers, hard seltzers and ready-to-drink cocktails, there’s so many ways to quench that thirst.
  • Did you know that bears can smell fries? Or is it fear? Probably both. Either way, please clean up after your party pic-a-nics.
  • Curfew for underage kiddos is 9PM.
  • Treat yo’ self – and your guests by starting a tab at the bar. Just leave your card with the bartender and let the good times roll.
  • Feeling popular? Or maybe the extended family found out. Just give us a heads up for groups of 30+ so we can best accommodate. Reach out to

Private events

Mondays and Tuesdays we can host private events between 4-9PM. We just ask for $1,000 sales minimum (gratuity is not included) and you can book through Making your guests give a secret pass code? That’s optional.

If you are interested in hosting a larger event at the brewery than the normal birthday/retirement party, etc. on a date we are open to the public please email

Wanna play?

If you are a band interested in playing at the brewery, please email with this info:

  • Band name
  • Number of band members
  • Number of years you have been playing together
  • Type of music and whether you play originals, covers, or both
  • Links to previous performances
  • Hourly rate
  • Saturday dates that your band is available within the next four months

Are you with the band? Gig with us Saturday nights from 5 or 6 til 8PM. The nightly rate is $50 per band member and tip jars are allowed. Drinks on us - if you take requests. We kid. BYOSE (Bring Your Own Sound Equipment).