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Fall River Day Off Refreshing & Crushable

Day Off
Refreshing & Crushable

ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 15 | Awards: 0 | Availability: year-round

Day Off is a refreshing, straw-colored ale enjoyed by people who put in the time to earn their fun. Its crisp finish does all the work so you don’t have to, and with little bitterness you can enjoy all the flavor, on your own time. Whether Day Off is the official drink of a rowdy bash or a pants-optional day on the couch, it suits any beer lover who appreciates their well-won leisure.

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  • Draft Icon Draft
  • 6-pack (12oz cans) Icon 6-pack (12oz cans)
  • Stovepipe (19.2oz can) Icon Stovepipe (19.2oz can)
  • 4-pack (19.2oz cans) Icon 4-pack (19.2oz cans)
  • Crowler (32oz can) Icon Crowler (32oz can)
  • Growler (64oz jug) Icon Growler (64oz jug)