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Fall River Hex (Hexagenia) IPA

Hex (Hexagenia)

ABV: 7.1% | IBU: 77 | Awards: 2 | Availability: year-round

Talk about lookin’ fly. With a blend of five different hops, Hex is the bold IPA that will reel you in time and time again. Taking inspiration from the mayfly hatch on the Fall River (IYKYK), this two-time gold medal winning beer’s popularity is part of its allure. Hop forward and aromatic, Hex is one catch you won’t want to release.

Where on tap?


  • Draft Icon Draft
  • 4-pack (16oz cans) Icon 4-pack (16oz cans)
  • Stovepipe (19.2oz can) Icon Stovepipe (19.2oz can)
  • 4-pack (19.2oz cans) Icon 4-pack (19.2oz cans)
  • Bomber (22oz bottle) Icon Bomber (22oz bottle)
  • Crowler (32oz can) Icon Crowler (32oz can)
  • Growler (64oz jug) Icon Growler (64oz jug)